Dual Bed Press Machine

Experience entry-level bonding efficiency with our Dual Bed Press Machine, boasting a large cylinder for around 9000N force, while its engineered structure and simulated heater placement ensure uniform heat and pressure distribution for optimal performance.


  • Models: 
    HSM160 model – 160mm Bore Cylinder
    HSM125 model – 125mm Bore Cylinder
  • Machine Dimension: 1220 mm X 610 mm X 1500 mm (L x W x H)
  • Flat Bed Dimension:
    6” X 6”
    10” X 8”
    10” X 15” (only HSM160 Model)
  • Finger Bed Dimensions: 4 Finger H-Shaped Bed
    Finger Width 95mm
    Finger Length 145mm
  • Head Dimension: 10” X 15”
  • Working Pressure: 4 bar (0.4 MPa) to 6 bar (0.6 MPa)
  • Power Consumption: 2.65 kW / 230 V
  • Working Height: 890 mm

Special Features

Movable and adjustable table
Using caster wheels, machine can be easily moved to other places with minimal effort.

Parallel Head Moving Design
Head moves parallel to the user to increase user-friendliness and productivity.

Interchangeable Bed Sizes
Three interchangeable bed sizes are available for selection according to the customer’s requirements.

Large Cylinder
A large cylinder increases the bonding force with lower input air pressure.

Entry Level Bonding Machine
Around 9000N force can be acquired due to the large cylinder; hence this dual bed press machine can work as an entry-level bonding machine.

Compact Design
Design minimizes the machine size enabling convenient usage in regular production lines.

User friendly working Height
The dual bed press machine was designed with numerous feedback from various customers. Most of them agreed that the working height of the available dual bed press machines are not user-friendly. Our dual bed press machine is designed for ergonomic working height.

Heat and pressure distribution
Engineered structure and simulated heater placement ensure uniform heat and pressure distribution.

Provision for Suction beds and Finger beds
Upon customer request, Suction beds or Finger beds can be arranged.

Advanced Model with PLC System
An advanced version with PLC system or a basic version with PID control is available.

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