Gantry Press

Maximize production efficiency with our Gantry Press Machine which is designed with a gantry structure for dual working spaces, it’s perfect for centralized pressing operations, enabling our customers to enhance the strength and durability of stitch-free bonded garments.

Heat Press

Achieve high-quality bonds effortlessly with our Heat Press Machine, featuring a double-cylinder design that ensures uniform pressure across the table and minimal machine deflection. Proven durability of this machine guarantees that your investment is long-lasting.

Convertible Continuous
Bonding Machine

Unlock versatility with our Convertible Continuous Bonding Machine which is multiple machines in one, offering diverse configurations of Horizontal Arm and Vertical Arm. Elevate your apparel manufacturing experience by eliminating the need for multiple machines, embracing superior agility, and ensuring adaptability to meet various production needs.

Dual Bed Press

Experience entry-level bonding efficiency with our Dual Bed Press Machine, boasting a large cylinder for around 9000N force, while its engineered structure and simulated heater placement ensure uniform heat and pressure distribution for optimal performance.

Tensile Testing

Ensure precision and detailed analysis with our Tensile Testing Machine, featuring special software for fully detailed reports and high-definition plots, including a print option. The machine’s large cylinder, boasting a 40mm diameter bore and special jaw shapes, enhances gripping force with lower input air pressure for accurate testing.

Hand Iron

Experience unparalleled comfort during extended use with our Hand Iron Machine, featuring an ergonomically designed working angle and lightweight construction. Thoughtfully crafted contours fit perfectly in your hand, reducing fatigue and maximizing productivity for an exceptional user experience.

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