Gantry Press Machine

Maximize production efficiency with our Gantry Press Machine which is designed with a gantry structure for dual working spaces, it’s perfect for centralized pressing operations, enabling our customers to enhance the strength and durability of stitch-free bonded garments.


  • Machine Dimension:  (L x W x H) 1,604mm X 944mm X 3025mm
  • Bed Dimension:  1200mm x 800 mm
  • Working Pressure:  4 bar (0.4 MPa) to 6 bar (0.6 MPa)
  • Working Temperature:  Up to 200 oC
  • Power Consumption:  18.5 kW / 400 V
  • Working Height:  1150mm

Special Features

High Pressure Points
Due to the high point Force, the machine can operate at a low-pressure rating (3 bar) compared to conventional machines (4 bar). Designed to provide up to 3.0N/Cm2 of point force at 4 bar.

Multiple Cylinders
Four large cylinders increases the bonding force with lower input air pressure.

Robust Structure
The structure of the machine is purpose designed with structural integrity in mind. This will ensure your investment is long lasting.

Robust Controls
The machine is PLC Controlled and has built-in superior quality assurance features.

Electronic Suction Valves
Electronically controlled suction cut-off valves, as opposed to mechanical vales, ensure no leaking of compressed air during the pressing downstage. What this means to you is faster bonding due to less pressing time and less energy consumption.

Heat and Pressure distribution
Engineered structure and simulated heater placement ensure uniform heat and pressure distribution.

Gantry Structure
Gantry design structure provide utilization for two working spaces to maximize the production and ideal for centralized pressing operations.

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